About Us

About Us

If you are looking for a superhero to help fight crime we probably can't help, but if it is help with a legal problem you are after then this is the place to look!

Vantage has been providing expert legal advice for over half a decade. Our team of specialists have experience extending well beyond this and we certainly take our work seriously if less so ourselves - so why not check out our in-house team below for further details.

Our modern approach to law focuses on providing a service best suited to each client's needs - but don't take our word for it, give us a call and put our theory to the test!

why choose vantage?


It’s important to feel confident in your solicitor. We’re an experience team so you’re in safe hands.


We’re always at the other end of the phone or an email to help answer any questions you may need answering.


Paperless, systematic & efficient. Our methods focus around using technology to your advantage.


Managing Director

Super Skill: Landlord & Property, Commercial Debt

Alter-Ego: Entered the legal world fresh faced & with a full head of hair in 2003, with over a decades experience in a range of property areas such a tenant possessions, lease disputes, catastrophic injuries and credit hire . I setup Vantage in 2010 & am now surrounded by a fantastic team who are all great at what they do.

Superpower: Straight talking

Arch-Enemy:  Anything paper based & people who wants to talk to me before breakfast

Secret Lair: In a volcano (obviously) – why would you have one anywhere else?!

Origin: God’s Country (Just to clarify that’s Yorkshire)

Secret Fact: I own an acre of the moon & fully intend to use it in some way before I have to walk through the pearly gates

Samantha Peddie
Business Development Manager

Super Skill: Business Development

Alter-Ego: Over 25 years’ experience in the personal injury sector – including 10 years on the dark side with 2 national Defendant firms). Specialist in Road Traffic Accidents and credit hire.

Superpower: Ability to consume copious quantities of coffee every day

Arch-Enemy: Insurance companies & anyone who wants to speak to me before a coffee

Secret Lair: Inside a coffee shop

Origin: Wirral

Secret Fact: I want to own 3 chickens and call them poached, fried & scrambled!

Bella & Buster
General Dogsbodies

Super Skill (Bella): Finding anything that contains a squeaker

Super Skill (Buster): Eating


Alter-Ego (Bella): I spend my spare time chasing squirrels & curling up in spaces where no one will see me to get some peace & quiet

Alter-Ego (Buster): I enjoy long walks on the beach, smelling everything & cleaning myself


Superpower (Bella): Destroying anything that contains a squeaker

Superpower (Buster): Eating things I’m not supposed to eat


Arch-Enemy (Bella): My brother who constantly tries to eat all my food

Arch-Enemy (Buster): Carrots


Secret Lair (Bella): Under a duvet

Secret Lair (Buster): Anywhere I am able to sleep


Origin (Bella): Top Secret

Origin (Buster): No idea


Secret Fact (Bella): I have spacial awareness issues

Secret Fact (Buster): I love being chased